Commenting: it allows people to communicate their opinions and ask questions they may have ✏️. It is an essential part of blogging as you can receive feedback, more information, and positive input.😄

How exactly do I comment? 🤔 

  • First, you want to type in your comment in the box labeled “comment” under the post.
    • keep in mind that your comments will need to be approved before it can appear on the blog page itself…
    • Your comment should be ABOUT the actual POST itself.
    • Polite comments are always welcome 🙂
    • Spam, rude, or inappropriate comments are not welcome however and will not be approved 🚫
  • Secondly, you will need to fill out some information:
    •  “Spam Word” – you will need to type in the spam word provided before posting your comment.
    • Name – please do not use your full name (First name and last name initial is fine).
    • Email address –

Lastly – all you need to do is press the publish comment button and voila! @(^0^)@ – Go ahead and don’t be afraid to visit and  comment on multiple blogs (it’s always appreciated!)