SBC5 – What would I do once I leave school?

When you enter highschool, teachers, parents, and friends all ask you the same question daily: What do you want to do once you leave school?

Some kids will answer knowing exactly which college/university they will go to and where they want to live in the future. Some even have a job in mind that they are sure they will pursue.

However, some kids are uncertain of what they’re going to do in the future.

In my case, I don’t know what I want to do later on yet, however there are a few things I thought of when it comes to future jobs:

  1. Dentist

When I was younger, I wanted to be a dentist. This is because every time I went, I thought that what they were doing was so easy and that it would be fun to mess with people’s teeth (yes, I was indeed a weird child back then); I also knew that some dentists would get à big salary most of the time which encouraged me even more, however as the years went by, I increasingly realized how uninterested I was in dentistry.

2) Graphic designer

Something I really enjoy is creating things and being artistic. I think of that when I project my future. At school, during a career day, I met a young graphic designer who was passionate about her job. She explained that she was her own boss as she wasn’t part of a big business for graphic designing. She decided who she wanted to work with and where. Sometimes her job would require her to go into other countries to meet with different clients, and most of the time her traveling fees were paid for her by those clients in question. When I saw that, I automatically could see myself traveling around the world, getting paid to help people create things. It seemed simple when she talked about it; however I knew that sometimes it was hard to find jobs as a small graphic designer and that I would need to be constantly creative which is hard to do. I would also need to not procrastinate or put work off as there is no one to tell me when or how much work to do. So I decided to not set myself on graphic deigning.

3) cook

One thing that I also enjoy doing is cooking/baking for my friends and family. Because of that I also thought of being a chef or baker.

4) Just an artist

I also considered going to an art specialized school where I can develop my skills and eventually become an artist (painting/drawing/sculpting) However just like being a singer or a soccer player, It is hard to make a career out of it.

5) Therapist

This is my favorite one so far. I realized that I wanted to work with people rather than work in an office by myself. I like to talk to people and disscuss anything from small to big problems. Because of that I realized that even if it is not as easy as it seems, I wanted to be a therapist to help poeple. So far this is the option I am currently thinking of.


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