SBC4 – The Selection: Book Review

So today I will be giving a book review a series written by Kiera Kass: The Selection

This series includes five books: (and four spin-offs)

  1. The Selection

2. The Elite

3. The One

4. The Heir

5. The Crown

This series is a Dystopian fairy tale world where society is divided into 8 different casts. The first being Royals and elites and the eighth being the homeless, orphans, and unemployable. The main character, who’s name is “America”, is in the fifth cast, which are the artists. In the kingdom, there is a selection that will determine who the prince will marry in order to rule on the kingdom. The winner of the selection marries the prince, and gets the crown. For the selection, girls from every cast (1 through 8) are picked by the prince and his assistance, while looking at photos and descriptions of the girls. America does not want to get chosen, as she already has a boyfriend names Aspen. However, she applies anyways because it could help her family by gaining wealth and being higher in the caste system. America is chosen and is forced to go to the selection….

I recommend this book/series because it was one of the most intriguing and interesting settings and plot that I have ever read. It is one of my favorites. Another author I really enjoy is Helen Hopkins; She has more grim/sad stories about deep stuff, so if you are into that, go check it out as well.

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